Q:  How do I order custom obituaries?

A:  Contact us at 916.869.3009 or email customobits@keepsakecreative.net

Q:  How do I get files sent in for design?

A:  Once, you contact Keepsake Creative, you will be given a person            

      email address so that you can send files in.


Q:  What files types do you need to send in?

A:  Acceptable files types are jpg, pdf and word format.


Q:  For all text obituary, Order of Service,  Acknowledgement, etc.

      how do you want those files sent over?

A:  All text should be typed and presented in word, rich text, pdf or typed

     in the body of an email.


Q:  How many photos can I provide for obituary?

A:   4 page programs  •  10 - 12 images

      8 page programs  •  30 - 50 images

      6 panel tri-fold programs  •  15 to 20 images


Q:  What is turn around time and when do I have to 

      have all files and images tured in?

A:  Turn around time is standard 48 hours. Rush jobs are available. For         rush jobs, files have to be in by noon for services that are the next day.